Immune-miR Database

ImmunemiR is a database of prioritized immune miRNA disease associations. A set of 245 immune miRNAs associated with 92 OMIM disease categories were identified and they are prioritized to specific immune diseases using random walk ranking algorithm. This database provides both text based annotation information and network visualization of its interactome network. It is a comprehensive repository of human immune disease associated miRNAs with network visualization options of its target genes, protein-protein interactions (PPI). Currently, users can browse and search by miRNA, search by gene and disease. Moreover, users can download data from ImmunemiR database, such as miRNA-disease association data and miRNA-target gene association data.

The detailed use of the database is as follows:

[1] Availability and Implementation: Freely available on the web at

[2] ImmunemiR database provides a web interface to retrieve the desired associations by three search options such as

i) search by miRNA

ii) search by Gene and

iii) search by Disease.

The search box suggests keywords and supports auto complete mode as userís type in the search field. The search results provide the basic description of miRNAs which includes miRNA ID, miRNA clusters, miRNA family information and its detailed information in the next page along with functional annotation, network visualization, etc.