About D-NER

Biomedical Named Entity Recognition (Bio-NER) is the crucial initial step in the information extraction process and a majorly focused research area in biomedical text mining. In the past years, several models and methodologies has been proposed for the recognition of semantic types related to gene, protein, chemical, drug and other biological relevant named entities. In this paper, we implemented a stacked ensemble approach bi folded with fuzzy matching for biomedical named entity recognition of diseases. The underlying concept of stacked generalization is to combine the outputs of base level classifiers using a second-level meta classifier in an ensemble. We used Conditional Random Field (CRF) as the underlying classification methods that make use of a diverse set of features, mostly based on domain specific, orthographic and morphologically relevant.

Mr.Balu Bhasuran Ph.D Scholar
Mr.Gurusamy Murugesan Ph.D Scholar
Ms.Sabenabau Abdulkhadar Ph.D Scholar
Dr.Jeyakumar Natarajan Professor