Data Mining and Text Mining Laboratory
Department of Bioinformatics
Bharathiar University

Text Mining Online Tools Developed by our group

S.No Tool URL Functionality
1 NAGGNER NAGGNER is a hybrid Biomedcial Named Entity Tagger for tagging human genes/proteins in biomedical text.
2 pronormz A Protein/Gene Normalization System
3 DNER A biomedical named entity system for diseases
4 BCC-NER A hybrid named entity tagging system for Protein/Gene
5 PPInterFinder A protein-Protein Interaction extraction System
6 HPIminer Human Protein Interaction and Visualization System
7 GenDisFinder An Integrated text mining tool for knowledge discovery of human gene-disease associations from litrature
10 GD-Miner A Gene-Disease Association Mining System

Databases Developed by our group

S.No Tool URL Functionality
8 GenDisBase GenDisBase is an organised collection of curated human G2D associations, G2G interactions and D2D similarities
9 IMMUNEMIR Immune-miR is a database of miRNA-disease association data through interactome network.
11 MycoTbBase A database for Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein and interactions information .
12 Homokinase A database for human kinase protein.