Group Members

PhD Research Scholars

Anusuya Shanmugam (Completed)
Research Area: Computational genome analyses of Mycobacterium leprae
T.S.Gnanendra (Completed)
Research Area: Prediction of protein secondary structure for the twilight zone
Suresh subramani (Completed)
Research Area: Text Mining Methods and Tools for Knowledge Discovery from the Biomedical Literature
Kalpana Raja (Completed)
Research Area: Text mining studies related to protein kinases
Madhuvanti kalyanaraman
Research Area: Microarrays and cancer research
Saranya.J (Completed)
Research Area: Kinome wide comparative analysis on hominids
Archana Prabhahar (Thesis Submitted)
Research Area: Next Generation Sequencing and Data Mining
Gurusamy Murugesan
Research Area: Biomedical Literature Mining
Sabenabanu Abdulkadhar
Research Area: Biomedical Literature Mining
Balu Bhasuran
Research Area: Data Mining and text mining
Devika Subramaniam
Research Area: NGS data analysis
Vijina Chakkyarath
Research Area: Structural Biology
Shafna Asmy.V.S
Research Area: NGS data analysis
M.Phil Scholars

S.Saravanakumar (Completed)
Research Area: Microarray and metabolic network analysis
S.Mahalakshmi (Completed)
Research Area: Microarray and transcription factor network analysis
K.Manjula (Completed)
Research Area: Molecular dynamic studies of Candida sp.
T.Swarnappriya (Completed)
Research Area: Phylogenetic Analysis.
R.Saranya (Completed)
Research Area: Microarray Data Analysis.
Indumathi Balakrishnan(Completed)
Research Area:Parkinsons and Alzheimers Data Analysis.
Devika Subramaniam (Completed)
Research Area: Microarray Data Analysis
Technician cum Data Entry Operator

Job responsibilities: Computer, network and lab general administration.