Principal Scientist : Prof. N. Jeyakumar

Thrust Areas

(A) Data mining
1. Data mining of Microarray data related to cancer
2. Identify diffenticilay expressed genes related to specific cancer type and sub-types
3. Functional annotations of genes using gene annotations and pathway databases.

(B) Text mining
1. Text mining of biomedical literature specific to pathogens
2. Text mining of biomedical literature specific to kinase proteins
3. Extract specify gene-gene and protein-protein interaction information
4. Export and analyze the information as specific pathways

(C) Database Development
1. Development of microarray database of Cancer
2. Development gene reference database for microbial pathogens
3. On-line link with primary database resources

Funded Projects

S.NoName of ProjectsFunding AgencyFund receivedPeriod Manpower
1. Text Mining and Data Warehousing of protein kinase pathways and networs DIT, New Delhi 21. 99 lakhs 2009-2013 (Completed) 1 Programmer
1 Pro. Ass.
2. Biomedical Literature Mining to Durg Targets in M. Tuberculosis DBT, New Delhi 43.44 lakhs 2012-2015 (Ongoing) 1 SRF
1 Pro. Ass.
3. Computational detection of novel micrornas and their targets autoimmune systems ICMR, New Delhi 8.37 lakhs 2013-2016 (Ongoing) 1 SRF
4. Data Mining of High Altitude Diseases DRDO, New Delhi 20.00 lakhs 2014-2017 (Ongoing) 1 JRF
5. Computational Data mining of Staphylococcus aureus to find Virulence Factors, Resistance Mechanisms UGC New Delhi 17.5 lakhs submitted 1 RA/SRF