About MycoTbBase

MycoTbBase is an integrated collection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) genomic data and relevant information. It comprises of various information about mycobacterium tuberculosis genes, proteins and protein-protein interactions. The information's are incorporated from the following databases EnterzGene for MTB genome data information, UniProtKB for protein information's and String for protein-protein interactions. For a given gene symbol, our database gives information such as GeneID, official full name, other designations, UniProt entry, Interactions etc. A total of 16052 entries available for protein coding live genes in NCBI-Refseq were curated and their corresponding Protein information and their interactions were curated and integrated in MycoTbBase.


Mr.Gurusamy MurugesanPh.D Scholar
Ms.Sabenabanu AbdulkhadarPh.D Scholar
Dr N.JeyakumarProfessor